The Birmingham Welcome

Retail BID will ensure whether you’re a visitor, business or resident, the city centre is a great place to be.


  • Carry out daily patrols of the BID area
  • Maintain regular BID team visits to quickly address local issues
  • Provide additional deep cleaning services of pavements and frontages within the BID area
  • Invest in new floral features for pedestrian areas during spring and summer
  • Invest in ‘landmark’ lighting pieces to ensure the city centre sparkles
  • Work alongside Birmingham City Council to ensure baseline operations in the BID area, such as street cleaning, are delivered effectively


Anti Social Behaviour 

The Retail BID Patrol Team engage with rough sleepers in the city centre daily and refer them to relevant agencies for help/assistance. The team also work closely with West Midlands Police and Birmingham City Coucnil tackling anti social behaviour and begging in the BID area.

Noise Nuisance

Birmingham City Council, West Midlands Police and Retail Birmingham have received an increasing number of complaints from local residents, shoppers, other visitors and businesses about the activities and behaviour of some individuals and groups, including the use of amplified projected speech by Street Speakers and amplified performances by Buskers and Street Entertainers in the city centre.

In regard to Busking and Street Entertainment, singing or music being played well and at a reasonable and considerate level does enhance city centre life and everyone wants a vibrant city centre. In certain cases however, the volume of a performance or the number of performers is such that it causes a problem to nearby residents, visitors or businesses.

With regard to Street Speakers it is lawful in principle to preach religious and political beliefs on the streets of Birmingham and to hand out written material. The European Convention of Human Rights and the Human Rights Act 1998 grants an absolute right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. The rights to manifest religious beliefs and to freedom of expression however are qualified. This means that they are rights that require a balance to be struck between the rights of the individual and the needs of the wider community or state interest.

The Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 allows the City Council to obtain a Public Spaces Protection Order to tackle a wide range of anti-social behaviour problems linked to noise, alcohol and nuisance dogs, where it appears to the City Council that these activities may be having a detrimental effect to the quality of life of those in the locality.

Public Realm

Retail Birmingham works closely with Amey, the highways contractor for Birmingham City Council, to ensure defects in the paving, lighting or any other street operation issues are reported and rectified quickly. The BID remains committed to ensure that the Local Authority maintains the public realm to an acceptable standard.

We are also a key partner for the proposed public realm improvements for New Street, Temple St and Bennetts Hill in preparation for the Commonwealth Games 2022.

Floral Features

Retail Birmingham continues to invest in floral features for the retail area, making the city centre a pleasant and welcoming place for visitors.

Pavement Deep Cleansing

The Local Authority does not undertake deep cleansing and chewing gum removal from retail streets as part of its statutory obligations. Retail Birmingham has undertaken this work on behalf of its members ensuring the streets remain a pleasant place to be and will continue to manage the cleaning programme throughout 2017.

Public Art

A prominent piece of public art underwent extensive conservation as part of a project to improve the flourishing John Bright Street area of Birmingham city centre. The sculpture by artist Lee Grandjean, called ‘Birmingham Figure’, is part of the portfolio of public artworks managed by Birmingham Museums Trust.

Retail Birmingham worked with the Museums Trust on the conservation project. Birmingham-based Mareva Conservation, a practice specialising in the conservation of historic buildings, memorials and sculptures, carried out the works.

The BID will continue to work with relevant partners to monitor the condition of public art across the city centre to help maintain it for future generations.