Temporary Pavement Licence Applications Now Open

To assist with hospitality businesses recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic, HM Government has passed legislation for Temporary Pavement Licences, which will allow businesses to place removable tables and chairs on the pavement outside their premises.

They are a temporary alternative to a Part VII Highways Act Pavement Café Licence, from the day they are granted until 30 September 2021.

Your business can apply on line via the Birmingham City Council website here

  • After submitting your application, details from the form will be published on the city council website and the public and professional bodies (such as key council departments, Councillors and the Emergency Services) will have 7 days to make representations regarding your application.
  • After this consultation period, the council will then have a further 7 days to determine whether or not to grant the licence. If a decision is not made in time, the licence will be automatically granted subject to the standard conditions.
  • The application fee is £100 application and is not refundable if the application is refused, or if the licence is subsequently surrendered or revoked.
  • The smoking of tobacco is not permitted anywhere in the licenced area.
  • Businesses will be required to submit to the local authority a full risk assessment and management plan for the space, including security, litter control, cleanliness and adhering to Covid-19 guidelines.

Retail BID has been in discussions with Birmingham City Council with regard to the potential for temporary road closures in certain parts of the city centre retail area. Due to the additional costs of the closures a decision will be made by the local authority on the demand in the particular road or street and also in line with the safety and security aspect of the space.

If you require any further information about this from the BID please call or email contact@retailbirmingham.co.uk