Skater to spinner: Projekt21’s Jason branches out with single

With his new 12-inch single and his refined skate style having been present in the city for the last half decade, Jason at Projekt21 has a lot to answer for.

The skater turned entrepreneur turned musician has captured a market like no other, and his passion and drive shows no signs of slowing down.

Jason Foreman, who is known by many as the man who brings a no frills, honest approach to the sport of skateboarding from his store within the Great Western Arcade, has another creative which interestingly goes hand-in-hand (or board-on-board) with the scene he is so closely linked to.

He is rapidly becoming known again for his music and when he is not in the store he is alongside his studio partner Carlito and can be found writing and producing music for labels such as V Recordings, Innerground and Creative Source. He can also be seen at some of the best clubs and festivals across the country under the guise of his second persona, DJ Addiction.

The music he makes is very much appreciated by the skate scene. Commonly described as Rave in the early 90s, he now produces a mixture of Drum and Bass, Jungle and Liquid DnB – and with his astonishing talent and ear for the beats, has released his new single on V Recordings with studio partner Carlito called ‘Rain on Me: Spinner’.

Jason said: “I’ve been into the Rave/Dance scene since it started back in the early 90s. It was new and fresh with no restriction on how to look and enjoy yourself – very much like skateboarding. So I started like everyone else going to these raves up and down the country, my interest and love for the music took me by surprise so I kinda got into thinking that maybe I could be that DJ and that producer on stage playing this great new music to these massive crowds.”

Jason has managed to capture the essence of a scene which has been a huge part of his life – being a skater, working within stores and the music.

“When I first opened the shop, it did seem that a lot of high-end stores jumped on the skate scene without understanding what it is and the culture. I wanted to keep it simple, keep it fresh and keep it transparent. There’s an honest approach to everything I do and I also want to help people get into skating or just keep up with the fashion. I’m proud that our motto is ‘No Drama’ as that really is important to me, and I keep things that way,” he added.

Life at the Great Western Arcade has also been a great location for the business  and his store has flourished.

“It’s been a great place to start up a business and hang out with a bunch of like-minded independent stores, and we all support each other. I’ve noticed over the last few years that the Arcade seems to be a little more popular with shoppers wanting to come away from the high street. We do have a great selection of stores here to choose from that I am proud to be a part of,” he said.