Re-planting the National Barrier Assets

The BID has funded the re-planting of the National Barrier Assets to ensure that the city centre retail area has some much-needed greenery and colour in the coming weeks. Birmingham City Council’s award-winning gardeners from Cofton Nursery have installed a number of small palms alongside geraniums which will soon be in full bloom.

The National Barrier Assets are an important part of the public realm, to protect the public, and whilst not the most aesthetically pleasing design they serve an important purpose.

Retail BID were the first BID in the country to design a unique ‘green’ addition to the barriers without affecting their integrity, with the aim to soften the impact on the public realm.

This work was undertaken due to the strong partnership the BID has with the Street Scene team at the city council and it is all part of our determination to ensure the city centre is a welcoming place for visitors to feel comfortable coming back to.