Tackling retail crime and anti-social behaviour

City Safe digital radios

Digital radio network and secure software gives members immediate support to tackle retail crime

Retail BID manages the Business Crime Reduction Partnership (BCRP) and City Safe, the digital radio network and SentrySIS intelligence software.

Over 220 City Safe radios are now being used throughout the city centre retail and leisure area alongside neighbouring city-centre BIDs.

More than £330,000-worth of goods have been recovered back to stores since SentrySIS was implemented in February 2019. There are now over 1,660 live profiles on the system and 2,844 incidents have been resolved, this means that the detained person has either been store banned, or had some form of police involvement.

City Safe is a member of the National Association of Business Crime Partnerships (NABCP) and is being managed by Retail BID board co-optee Jonathan Cheetham.

The organisation is also recognised as a partnership that is ‘Secured by Design’ (SBD). Established by the Association of Chief Police Officers, Secured by Design is a group of national projects focused on crime prevention through innovative security design and operation. 

The City Safe steering group is made up of senior managers from Retail BID, businesses within the city, British Transport Police and West Midlands Police.

We only enrolled in the scheme a little under six months ago. With a prime location and having such a desirable brand things were challenging in terms of theft. 

The radio is a great tool and it’s very cost effective. However it also helps when the lads on the other end of the radio are clued up and have a big passion to assist. 

City centre store manager – name withheld