The Ivy celebrates a year in city centre

In April 2018, Birmingham welcomed The Ivy Temple Row in the heart of the city. A year on, the brasserie has become a staple of the Birmingham food scene.

General Manager Liz Burton has struck a fine balance between managing the demand for tables and accommodating regular guests and walk-ins. Whilst booking in advance will always be advised, the ethos of accessible, all-day dining remains paramount and the team work hard to accommodate all enquiries.

The success of the brasserie isn’t just down to good management and service – the kitchen and bar team are equally responsible. Over the last year, the most popular dishes have been The Ivy shepherd’s pie and chocolate bombe dessert, whilst behind the bar, the most requested cocktail has been the Candy Floss Fizz (closely followed by the Salted Caramel Espresso Martini).

The Ivy Temple Row has enjoyed a number of creative partnerships with some of Birmingham’s most well-known institutions – from hosting the tennis stars from the Edgbaston Priory Club to creating an iconic doorway display in collaboration with the Hippodrome’s staging of Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake. The restaurant’s most recent collaboration was to treat guests to a sell-out brunch and film screening with The Electric. The team also came together to decorate Christmas trees for patients at St Mary’s Hospice as part of its ongoing commitment to support its local community.

Liz Burton, general manager of The Ivy Temple Row, said: “We received a warm welcome when opening our doors last year in Birmingham. We’ve established good relationships with our neighbours and guests, and are proud to welcome a number of regulars alongside new visitors and tourists to the city.

“We see familiar faces for breakfast meetings who sit in the same spot most days, we have weekend guests who can visit a few times each month, and our private dining space has been popular with lunch time meetings and special evening occasions alike. We’re looking forward to what the next year has in store.”

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Liz Burton, General Manager, The Ivy Temple Row Birmingham. Picture: Edwin Ellis Creative Media for Retail BID Birmingham