BID recovers £1/4M of stolen goods for stores

The BID’s Crime Reduction Partnership, CitySafe, has recently passed a significant milestone in recovering over a quarter of a million pounds in stolen stock back to stores.

Started by Retail BID in February 2019, the CitySafe digital radio network now has over 200 radios in operation and being used by BID members, throughout the city centre, connected by three BID funded antennas and linked to West Midlands Police and Birmingham City Council’s CCTV control rooms.

Since the start of Sentrysis in February 2019 we have now recovered £252,383 of goods back to the stores and from just prior to lockdown, since February 2020, we have recovered £64,101 of goods back to stores.

Since February 2019, 2046 incidents have been resolved, this means that the detained person has either been store banned, or had some form of police involvement, we also now have over 1,000 live profiles on the system of persons that have been apprehended and dealt with.

In the last week, week ending 4th October 2020, there has been £2,136 goods recovered, with 28 incidents recorded on the BID’s crime recording software, Sentrysis.

Jonathan Cheetham, CitySafe lead for Retail BID said “The great work continues, returning product to businesses at the rate of an average of  over £2k per week and deterring many times this amount week in and week out just highlights how important the work is for the city’s economy. The businesses would have had to make an extra £11k per week in sales to replace this stolen products profit and in these current times, that’s would be really difficult.”

Steve Hewlett, Retail BID Manager said “The results are testament to the tireless work of the Retail BID Patrol Officers and the excellent work of the store detectives and loss prevention officers throughout the retail area in the city centre. There is a real togetherness now amongst the stores and it is proving a great success in detecting and deterring shop crime at such a challenging time for the businesses.”