BID Patrol Officers to be on duty throughout lockdown

As the city centre prepares for its second period of full lockdown from Thursday 4th November 2020 until Wednesday 2nd December 2020, Retail BID has confirmed that its full team of 6 BID Patrol Officers will be on duty. Working six days per week, the team will be checking on and ensuring all closed retail and hospitality businesses are secure. The team will also be supporting staff working in the essential stores that will remain open during this period.

This replicates the work undertaken by the full team earlier this year during lockdown from 23 March to 15 June 2020. Each day during this period the team were out patrolling the retail area either on foot or by bike, regularly checking front and rear access to properties, ensuring there had been no attempted break-ins or criminal damage.

In addition, like last time, the team will be deterring any issues of anti-social behaviour that may occur and ensuring that staff working in the city centre remain safe at all times.